Crokinole Disc FAQ

Buying the right Crokinole discs for your board is crucial for game play. Also, knowing what to call the little flickers helps as well. We've put together a few helpful facts.

What are Crokinole discs called? 

There are several names for Crokinole pieces. Our preference is either disc or biscuit. Disc because it is the most commonly used term and biscuit because it's fun to say. Our recommendation: call them what you want!  

Which size Crokinole disc should I buy? 

There are three common sizes of Crokinole disc. Tournament, traditional, and mini. 

  • Tournament discs are 1 1/4" diameter x 3/8" thick (3.2 cm x 0.9 cm).
  • Traditional discs are 1 1/8" diameter x 3/8" thick (2.9 cm x 0.9 cm). 
  • Mini size discs are 1 3/32" diameter x 13/32" thick (2.8 cm x 1 cm) 

We'll make sure to include the correct discs when you purchase your board.

But if you're buying additional discs, make sure you select the correct size disc from the selector at the right of the page,

What are Crokinole discs made of? 

Our Crokinole discs are either made of hard maple or epoxy resin. Both are dent resistant and last for generations. The hard maple discs are for a more traditional look and feel while the resin discs provide a newer and creative spin on the classic game. 

How many Crokinole discs should I play with? 

Each set of Crokinole discs we sell comes with 13 discs. Traditionally, people play 12 discs a side, but house rules typically dictate the number of discs. 

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