New Product Alert! - Crok Shop Original Tournament Board Bundle

 Happy Holidays to everyone! At this time of year, we're happy to present new products. This year it's the Crok Shop Original Tournament Board Bundle. The idea with this bundle was to provide an affordable Crokinole bundle, done in a tournament style. A few highlights of the package that we feel make it stand out: 

  • Smooth and Sturdy. The Crok Shop Original has a smooth baltic birch veneer. It has a medium speed - not too fast not too slow - which hopefully is just right for the majority of players. It's close to 25 pounds. 
  • Includes everything, even a padded carrying case.  comes with playing wax, instructions, and black and natural discs. And most importantly, a padded carrying case! 
  • Free shipping! We offer free shipping on all of our new products for a limited time. That's a $40-$70 value just right there! 

    Any questions about the new Crok Shop Original Board Bundle? Feel free to reach out at 

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