Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy the best Crokinole board?

Buying the right option can be tough, especially if you are newer to the game. The first step is determining whether you want a circular tournament board for competitive play or an octagonal traditional board for game night. Also, check out our buying how-to here.

Who invented Crokinole and when?

The first known Crokinole board was created in 1875 by Eckhardt Wettlaufer of Perth County in Southwestern Ontario. Eckhardt was a gifted artist and woodworker. The Crokinole board was a gift for his his son, Adam, on his 5th birthday.

How can I learn more about the history of Crokinole?

We love the Crokinole Chronicles website, made by Gary Wasielewski, for the best research on the history of the game in North America. In it, Gary uncovers the lost stories and artifacts of the game, piecing together the games' unique and mysterious history.

What are Crokinole discs / pieces called?

We've heard everything from pieces, to discs, to stones, biscuits, and more. The actual word "Crokinole" originates from the French word "Croquignole" which means biscuit or cookie. For this reason we prefer "biscuit" but "disc" is commonly used as well. For more information check out our extended Crokinole disc FAQ.

Why is Crokinole so expensive?

There are several factors that contribute to the relative high cost of boards, but most are down to the cost of materials and the time it takes to make a quality Crokinole board. As of the writing of this response, material prices are historically high. We are always working with our suppliers to make prices as competitive as possible.

Are there official Crokinole rules?

Check out our rules over at our blog. For official Crokinole rules can be referenced at the National Crokinole Association's website here

Can I customize a board?

Absolutely. Please provide us an image and/ or piece of text in the chat at bottom right and we'll work with you to finalize design and pricing details.

How do you source your products?

We partner with leading brands to create a unique shop experience. All of our partner brands are leaders in the tabletop gaming industry.

Is there a product warranty?

Yes. There is a 1-year limited warranty on all our products. The 1-year warranty covers all manufacturing defects. Products must be mailed back and inspected by us before qualifying for a full refund. We do not cover shipping costs. The warranty does not cover misuse of the products.