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Crok Shop Original Tournament Crokinole Board Bundle

Crok Shop Original Tournament Crokinole Board Bundle

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We have sold out of our Crok Shop Original Board Bundles for the time being. Preorder for March / April now. 

The Crok Shop Original Tournament Crokinole Board Bundle features a finely crafted board, with simple yet elegant design features. The board’s smooth Baltic birch veneer makes for a consistent game play ideal for players of all age and skill levels. The lines are thin yet crisp, and the ditch is stained a beautiful matte red. The bumpers are high quality brass screws covered in latex that give the great bounce and unpredictability everyone loves about the game.

The bundle comes with 2 sets of discs (natural and black) with black carrying pouch included, playing instructions, a custom carrying case, and fast playing powder. Feel free to mix and match with any of the other accessories / discs on our site! 


  • Made to NCA Tournament Standard dimensions 
  • Lines are thin, crisp, and, professional
  • Features distinct Crok Shop logo 
  • Frame is made of sturdy poplar 
  • Felt bottom ensuring the board is sturdy throughout game play  
  • Playing surface is smooth and consistent. The board is finished multiple times with a lacquer coat making for a glassy surface. 
  • Posts are high quality brass screws covered in latex  

Fully Stocked and Available Now! 

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