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The Baltic Bircher Crokinole Board Bundle (With Numbers)

The Baltic Bircher Crokinole Board Bundle (With Numbers)

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The Baltic Bircher Board Bundle is great for the cottage, the family reunion, or the backyard! It has a popular vintage style and craftsmanship.

Handcrafted out of baltic birch birch and cherry rails in Canada, it has large point numbers on the surface and checkers on the back. Comes with biscuits, playing powder, and more! This is one to pass down for generations!


- Stained Dark Burgundy Ditch - Cherry Side Rails & Birch Playing Surface - Checkers on Back - Optional Points on the Front - Very Smooth Surface


  • Large traditional size Crokinole board with a 25.5" playing surface
  • Base is 1/4" premium birch, 3/8" tall premium birch playing surface.
  • Lines are thin, crisp and professional
  • Several coats of varathane applied to the surface
  • Frames are made of cherry wood
  • Playing surface is very smooth for exceptionally fast play
  • Posts are high quality brass screws covered in latex
  • Overall board is 30"
  • Handmade in Canada

Included in the bundle:

  • 26 Crokinole discs (24 needed for game, plus 1 extra of each color)
  • Your choice of disc colors: black, natural, white, red, blue and green 
  • 100 grams of Crokinole board powder for faster play (put small amount in the ditch and rub the disc on it before shooting or sprinkle a small amount on the playing surface)
  • Cloth drawstring pouch for discs 
  • Large 20s cup
  • Player's manual with rules, instructions, and tournament / regular scoring cards

Please note: The discss are flat on both sides which is tournament standard

    Please Note:
    This board's wood playing surface sometimes is patched, meaning there is an oval patch in the wood. This is common with any kind of plywood and does not affect the game play at all. It affects the appearance only slightly and is only noticeable upon closer inspection. So if you are concerned about the appearance please add a note at checkout stating you'd like a board without patched wood. Thanks!

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