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The Crokinole Canada Tournament Crokinole Board Bundle

The Crokinole Canada Tournament Crokinole Board Bundle

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One of our most aesthetically pleasing boards, the Crokinole Canada is a tournament-style board, handcrafted in Canada to perfection with premium select Canadian Maple. This is a board for the Crokinole player who wants a sleek yet elegant tournament board. 

The board meets NCA playing standards for the competitive player, with its 26-inch playing surface and 2 inch ditch. Your hand sits perfectly atop the circular railing, set a perfect distance from the maple playing surface. 

Its glassy smooth playing surface is accented with scoring numbers and crisp UV printed lines. 

The back of the board is painted entirely black with a white checkerboard gracing the center. Permanent feet are installed on the bottom for maximum stability. This board is very sturdy! 


Point Numbers on Front & Checkers on Back - Smooth Painted Black Ditch & Back - Canadian Maple Surface & Side Rails - Very Fast Surface - Meets NCA Standards


  • 26-inch-wide with a 1/2-inch-tall premium maple playing surface
  • 2-inch-wide finished gutter, painted black
  • 1 3/4-inch-high, 1/4-inch-thick sturdy circular frame
  • The back of the board is painted black with a white checkerboard
  • Crisp, traditional Scoring Numbers printed on the board
  • Brass posts covered in black sleeves for optimal bounce-back shots
  • Sturdy white feet evenly spaced on the underside to provide overall stability

Included with the board:

  • 26 Large crokinole discs that meet tournament standards (24 needed for the game, plus 1 extra of each colour)
  • Your choice of disc colors: green, red, white, blue, black, natural
  • Drawstring bag for discs
  • Crokinole board powder (80 grams)
  • Large 20's cup
  • Crokinole Rules in English and French
  • Tournament Level Score Cards are included along with a Catalogue and Coupon for your next purchase from us. 

Please note: The discs are flat on both sides which is tournament standard.

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