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Tracey 5 Hole Crokinole Board Bundle

Tracey 5 Hole Crokinole Board Bundle

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The Tracey 5 Hole Crokinole Board is a new, inspired take on the classic game we know and love. In this variation of the game, players sink their opponents discs in the extra holes to apply -10 to their score. With greater reward, comes greater risk however as players risk their shots a similar fate. Simply put, take the moments of chaos that arise in a typical Crokinole game, multiply by 5, and you have a game of 5 hole!  

This is the game for the adventurous player, the one with a bit of wanderlust. A few important words on the boards, direct from the manufacturer. 

"If you already own a Tracey Board or you have read the reviews online then you know that we are extremely particular about the quality of our Canadian Crokinole boards. Especially when it comes to the playing surface. In an effort to keep the cost down on this ‘for fun’ board by offsetting the extra labor that goes into these special 5-hole boards we are using tops that have very slight imperfections. Perhaps a line scuff or something that means it just barely missed the standards for our tournament boards. It will still play amazing, that we are committed to. This paragraph is an attempt to manage the expectations. You WILL have a blast, and your board WILL play amazingly, fast, and slick – but if you take out your magnifying glass or when the sunlight hits it a certain way there may be a flaw. Just know that the extra bit of character you see on your board is the reason why it was selected to be a 5-hole board. With these 5-hole boards, even more so than our Tournament boards, the primary objective is FUN!!!!"

Otherwise, everything that comes in a typical bundle also applies here. 

 The bundle includes:

  • 30” Handcrafted Tracey 5 Hole Crokinole Board Bundle
  • 2 types of Crokinole discs (13 discs each, pick your color) 
  • Drawstring Disc Pouch
  • 50g of Playing Wax + Shaker
  • Playing Instructions/Rule Book
  • Compatible with the Advanced Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Compatible with the Translucent 20 Holder
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