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Tracey Traditional Crokinole Board Bundle

Tracey Traditional Crokinole Board Bundle

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Handcrafted by generations of Crokinole players. the Tracey Traditional Tournament Crokinole Board Bundle is a masterpiece Crokinole board that captures the essence of the game we all love. The board is simple in its design, yet elegant in its execution.  

Topped with a CNC milled Canadian Maple veneer, then professionally sanded and lacquered multiple times, the Tracey Traditional Tournament Board is as smooth, consistent, and "glassy" a board as you will find. Solid brass pegs with rubber sleeves give your bounce-backs and ricochet shots the energy and excitement your game deserves. Silk-screened lines are thin, crisp, and clean. The board is durable and stable, with rubber feet on the underside to protect any kind of surface it’s played on. 

This board will serve as a game room centerpiece for generations to come! 

The bundle includes:

  • 30” Handcrafted Tracey Tournament Board
  • 2 types of Crokinole discs (13 discs each, pick your color, tournament sized 1 1/4"
  • Drawstring Disc Pouch
  • 50g of Playing Wax + Shaker
  • Playing Instructions/Rule Book
  • Compatible with the Advanced Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Compatible with the Translucent 20 Holder

This board is designed to National Crokinole Association standards and is fully approved for tournament play. 

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